Super Duper Coffee Toffee

Deliciously decadent.  Coffee-enhanced crunchy toffee, encasing toasted pecans, covered with a marbling of white and dark chocolates, and topped with more toasted pecans.

Indulge...you’ll be glad you did!

6 oz. bag = $10

8 oz. bag = $15

1 lb. bag = $30

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Super Duper Spicy Rosemary Nuts

Amazingly addictive!  Roasted nuts are tossed in a secret spicy rosemary blend.  You’ll grab a couple of nuts...and keep coming back for more!

Available nuts include:  Almonds, Cashews, Macadamias, and Pecans.  Any combination is available as well (my fave is cashew/mac combo).

ALSO TRY:  CURRY NUTS - Subtle and Exotic!

5 oz. bag = $10

8 oz. bag = $15

1 lb. bag = $30

$5 extra for macadamias

NEW:  Super Duper Mah Jongg Mix

My rosemary cashews are combined with wasabi peas and crystallized ginger for an zesty zing!  Perfect for snacking while playing Mah Jongg or anytime!

8 oz. bag = $20

1 lb. bag = $40

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Super Duper Cheddar Wedges

Yes...the good ol’ Southern cheese straw...but instead of straws, I make wedges!  “Cheddar-y” with a hint of a kick!

Now available GLUTEN-FREE too ($10 extra).

Small bag = $15

Large bag = $25

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NEW:  Super Duper Protein Bars


Nuts (or Seeds) combined with dried fruit, steel-cut oats, agave nectar, and a pinch of salt make for a great pick-me-up before or after or instead of your workout!

$3 per bar

Note: Due to the purity of the ingredients, sometimes the bars are Nibbles/Bites instead of bars.

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