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Born and raised in Galveston, TX, Mary has loved to cook for family and friends all of her life!

Mary graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and set off to “take a bite out of the Big Apple”.  Working on Wall Street, Mary was “hungry” for more...so she went to the French Culinary Institute and received her certificate in Basic French Techniques.  While in graduate school, Mary had a small catering business, The Culinary Coop.  A few years later, after a long career at Thomson Reuters, Mary decided it was time to strike out on her own.  In 2011, Mary launched Super Duper Mary Cooper, Inc., featuring “HappySnax”.

Mary states, “I have always made treats for family and friends.  Whenever I go out for cocktails and/or dinner, I always say, “let’s grab some happy snacks.”  All of my friends associate “happy snacks” with me, so that’s how I came up with “HappySnax”.  My “HappySnax” include artisan treats such as toffee, spicy nuts, cheddar wedges, hello dollies, and peppermint creams.

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  1. 1.The Beatles

  2. 2.The Rolling Stones

  3. 3.Early MJ

  4. 4.70s and 80s fun rock!

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